My Bloody Valentine taking drum’n’bass direction on new album?

Kevin Shields has said that their third album is 'almost done'

My Bloody Valentine are apparently going in a drum’n’bass direction on their forthcoming new album, according to Kevin Shields.

The band’s long-awaited third album, which was originally started in the mid-1990s, was shelved due to wranglings with their record label. Aside from a couple compilation appearances, the band haven’t released any new material since 1991’s ‘Loveless’.

Speaking to The Quietus, Shields said the record is now ‘almost done’ and added that it will likely include a drum’n’bass track. Shields said:

There’s one drum and bass song, from that era when we were doing drum and bass music, which never came out. We were actually inventing a new sound – and this song doesn’t really represent it, but – we were doing slowed down drum and bass music around 1993, 1994.

He continued: “…there’s one song that survived from that period, that approach. Like slowed down drum’n’bass. Except, um… it’s really fast.” Shields also explained that the album will have more in common with their debut ‘Isn’t Anything’, than ‘Loveless’ and said that “a lot of the guitars are very aggressive”.

In terms of finishing the LP, he said that he’s currently on the eighth song, “then I’ve got to record the ninth song from scratch. Then I’ve got to mix it. But that’s OK, because I’m not slow at mixing”.

My Bloody Valentine put out a trio of reissues earlier this week. Remastered versions of ‘Isn’t Anything’ and ‘Loveless’ are now for sale, as well as ‘EP’s 1988-1991’, a new compilation made up of the band’s four EP releases on Creation Records – ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’, ‘You Made Me Realise’, ‘Glider’, ‘Tremolo’ and seven other rare tracks.

It was recently announced that My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe will be Primal Scream‘s new touring bass player. Googe, who was a founding member of My Bloody Valentine and also a member of Showpony and The Bikini Mutants, will replace Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield in the band’s line-up after he left to rejoin The Stone Roses for their lucrative reunion tour late last year.