Kevin Shields promises ‘radical changes’ for My Bloody Valentine

He also speaks about the follow-up to 'Loveless'

Kevin Shields has revealed his future plans for My Bloody Valentine.

Shields says the band – who reformed in 2007 and are currently on a US tour – will be making some big changes after their current shows come to an end.

“After the end of August, we’ll have a radical change,” he told the Dallas Observer.

When asked to elaborate, he simply said “everything,” before going into more detail.

“Line-up, we might expand a bit. In that respect, we’ll add another member to the group, just to do more stuff. And sound-wise, absolutely. You know, it’ll be…taking a different approach.”

Shields also revealed more details about the proposed new My Bloody Valentine album, which has been in the recording stages since 1993.

After sessions earlier this year failed to see the band complete the unnamed record, Shields said they will try again in June and July. Depending on how the new songs sound in rehearsals, he said he is also considering playing the new material on My Bloody Valentine‘s upcoming tour dates.

Speaking of the new songs influences, Shields revealed that the folk-blues mixtapes Bobby Gillespie would play after Primal Scream (with whom he is a sometime-collaborator) gigs had had a profound effect on him.

“That style of folk-blues music, I would say is weirdly enough like ‘Loveless’,” he said of the tapes. “That style of songwriting, where you have the verses and then the instrumental breaks. I suppose, if I were to say there’s any kind of music in the world that feels really natural to me, it’s that kind. Not just folk-blues, but folk music in general.”

Shields added that My Bloody Valentine‘s current tour is one of the most enjoyable he’s ever been involved in.

“The great thing is playing together, we’re just doing it the way we were planning to do it at the time, except with the right equipment and the right sounds,” he said.

Earlier this week (April 15), My Bloody Valentine were confirmed as the curators of this year’s ATP: Nightmare Before Christmas festival, which takes place at Butlins in Minehead on December 4-6. The Horrors and Sonic Youth are among the acts already chosen by the band to play the bash.