World Exclusive: My Bloody Valentine speak

Comeback band talk to NME.COM after Benicassim Festival show

Returning indie legends My Bloody Valentine granted NME.COM an exclusive interview after their Benicassim Festival show last night (July 18) – and admitted they were disappointed with the show.

The band played a headline set on the Escenario Verde at the Spanish festival – but mainman Kevin Shields felt it could have been better.

He said: “The show was not so good. We are a bit disappointed. But the audience were pretty good. And the reaction so far to our tour (their first since 1992) has been pretty positive.”

Drummer Colm O’Coisoig added: “It’s working out pretty well, we’re happy.”

Speaking about the band’s shock comeback, Shields said it had long been the band’s intention to reunite, and get round to eventually recording the follow-up to 1991’s ‘Loveless’.

He said: “The idea was always to do another record. Then I think it was the Coachella Festival that made a really good offer and we thought, ‘We could actually do that’. We’d been talking about it for about five years.

“Because we hadn’t played the old songs till we rehearsed a few months ago, they still sound fresh. They’re not old in our head. But because we didn’t play them that much, it feels like we’re on the second leg of our tour.”

And when asked if there would be new material, Shields confirmed: “There will definitely be another album…someday!”

Watch the whole interview by clicking on the link below.