My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields: ‘I regret not making more music’

Band's frontman speaks about 'Loveless' follow-up 'mbv' and future plans

My Bloody Valentine‘s Kevin Shields has spoken about how he wishes he’d made more music in his career.

In an interview with Pitchfork, his first since the release of the band’s third album ‘mbv’ earlier this year, 22 years after its predecessor ‘Loveless’, he said he didn’t care how long it had taken to write the follow-up just that he regrets not making more music at this point.

He said: “As I get older, I realise a lot of the things I could have done – things that I didn’t think were so great at the time – actually would have been enjoyable. I do need to loosen up a bit, and that usually does come with old age. That’s the intention.”

He went on to speak about his future plans for the band.

“The next step is to make an EP of all-new material,” he said. “I’m also going to remaster ‘Loveless’ and ‘Isn’t Anything’ and all the EPs in analogue to make pure analogue cuts, which has never happened before.

“And I hate to say this because we haven’t set it up yet, but we want to do a site where everyone who bought a record would be able to stream various other things we put up, like an old recording of when I first experimented with pitch-bending back in ‘81. People could get a clearer version of how we wound up where we did. It seems more mysterious based on the records that were released because it seems like we went from a Cramps/Birthday Party band to a noisy Jesus And Mary Chain indie pop band, to what we became in ‘88.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he revealed he’s a fan of Daft Punk and dubstep producer Skrillex, having been to see him in concert recently. He said: “I like electronic music. I saw Skrillex the other night. The first half wasn’t so great to me, but the second half was really good – more dubstep-y and broken up and crazy. I love when things bend out of shape. There’s a sense of freedom when you hear music like that. That’s why I love drum and bass music.”