Kevin Shields contributes to a new compilation...

Reclusive My Bloody Valentine guitarist KEVIN SHIELDS has recorded some new music for a forthcoming compilation album.

‘You Don’t Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right’ is released on April 1 via Geographic.

Shields has composed an instrumental track, entitled

‘Outro’. In recent years the guitarist has shied away from releasing new material under his own name, instead forming part of Primal Scream‘s live set-up.

Other artists who appear on the album include ex-Madness pair

Jim and William Reid in the guise of Sister Vanilla, the band they have with their sister Linda and friend Ben Lurie, and Future Pilot AKA.

The confirmed tracklisting runs: The Pastels – ‘Introduction / Everybody Is A Star’

International Airport – ‘Cordial Arrest’

Future Pilot AKA – ‘Remember Fun (Like We Was Young)’

Bill Wells Octet – ‘Wiltz’

Maher Shalal Hash Baz – ‘Stone In The River’

Nagisa Ni te – ‘Me, On The Beach’

Sister Vanilla – ‘Pastel Blue’

Pedro – ‘Amber’

Barbara Morgenstern – ‘Kleiner Ausschnitt’

Empress – ‘Known For Years’

Appendix Out – ‘The Language In Things’

Telstar Ponies – ‘Farewell, Farewell’

Directorsound – ‘Theme From Hythe Hill’

National Park – ‘No More Rides’

Plinth – ‘Bracken’

Kevin Shields – ‘Outro’