But no new MBV material in the forseeable future...

My Bloody Valentine founder Kevin Shields has revealed he’s worked with Primal Scream on their new album – but has scotched rumours that he’ll bring one out himself before the end of the year.

Shields, whose last record with MBV was 1991’s ‘Loveless’, told NME the possibility of a new MBV record this year was “very unlikely”.

In a rare interview last week he said: “I’m just glad that I’ve not had to be on the dole for ten years. I heard a rumour that I was meant to have delivered 60 hours’ worth of guitar music to Island. That’s not true.”


Scores more rumours have been flying around recently about Shields, including one that he had given up music to breed chinchillas.

However, Shields did say he had been working in his home studio and has mixed one song on the forthcoming Primal Scream album, due out this year.

He said: “It’s not really a remix like the one I did last time with them (‘If They Move Kill ‘Em’ from 1997’s ‘Vanishing Point’), which was a single. My version will appear on the album.”

He refused to elaborate further about what the track was called, or what direction the Scream were currently moving in.

Shields added that next month he would be travelling to America to work with J Mascis on his new solo record and is also scheduled to make a live appearance with Mercury Rev at a UK festival this summer.

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