My Chemical Romance fans: ‘Songs don’t cause suicide’

Music fans speak out over 'emo suicide' furore

Music fans have spoken out in support for My Chemical Romance, after The Daily Mail and a coroner accused them of encouraging teenager Hannah Bond‘s suicide.

Almost all the fans commenting about My Chemical Romance’s response to the allegations have defended the group.

One NME.COM user, Tiberius, wrote: “Anybody who claims that a band is able to make someone commit suicide is naive and ignorant.”

Another fan, Shinkou, said: “Blaming a genre of music or a band is too simplistic. No one ‘made this girl commit suicide’. The poor girl had so many things to deal with and felt like she could not reach out to anyone: MCR wasn’t causing her problems. How could they be responsible?”

TotalyMCR stated: “They aren’t a band wanting to make all their fans kill themselves, they are here to give people a voice…I think this march is a fantastic opportunity for us their fans to repay them for their music and words of advice.”

Ace McWicked wrote: “Regardless of what you think of MCR or what you think their message is – a song does not make someone kill themselves.”

However, a handful of those who posted were more critical of the band, with one, Jertum, writing: “I don’t believe MCR are totally responsible, but emo music does promote a, shall we say, ‘alternative’ way of life. It always seems to me that emo bands tend to dabble in things that they don’t understand and so give off the wrong messages in their lyrics.”

NME.COM user Reder said: “MCR don’t have that much an influence on people’s lives, they’re just not that good.”

Fans of My Chemical Romance are staging a demonstration next weekend (May 31) outside the offices of The Daily Mail in London to protest against their comments about emo.