My Chemical Romance march ‘aiming for 1,000 protestors’

Emo fans' stand against press misrepresentation grows

My Chemical Romance fans’ march against The Daily Mail next weekend (May 31) could attract up to a thousand protestors, says the organisers.

As previously reported, fans of the band are set to march in London to protest against press misrepresentation of their heroes, especially in The Daily Mail.

Anni Smith, who only began to organise the march last Friday (May 16), told NME.COM: “At my last check there were 426 entries on the list, but I’m expecting to have at least 500 by tomorrow evening (May 24). [The police] are asking for numbers and I’m thinking maybe I should say a thousand.”

Explaining that the march is “100% for My Chemical Romance” rather than emo music in general, Smith said: “The [Daily Mail‘s] words ‘suicide cult’ really stand out for me, because it’s just so far from the truth. As a fanbase it’s such an insult ’cause we fight so hard and so many of us suffer from depression, and we fight everyday to ward it off.

“The way [many teenagers are] fighting it is with My Chemical Romance‘s help and it’s just such an insult to tell us that the last thing we have to hold on to and the last thing that’s keeping us alive is killing us, because it’s not.”

Smith directly attacked the Daily Mail‘s suggestion that the emo group promotes suicide and self-harm, saying: “My Chemical Romance is my whole life and I take it very seriously, but at the same time the message that we’re taking seriously isn’t about death and how you should die and killing yourself and all that, it’s about how you should love life and experience every moment that you can.”

The march, set to begin at Hyde Park‘s West Pond in central London, takes place on the afternoon of May 31.