My Chemical Romance ‘flatline’

Band send out cryptic message on website

My Chemical Romance have sent out a oblique message on their website, prompting fans to speculate on their future.

On there is a repeated image of a hospital monitor’s flatline and the message “00 BPM” on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

The band played as fictional group The Black Parade during their world tour earlier this year with singer Gerard Way telling the crowd on the opening night of a show in Plymouth : “We are The Black Parade.”


Fans have suggested that the message does not indicate the end of the band but the end of the ’Black Parade’ era.

On fansite Unleash The Bats, user Differentmind wrote: “I actually think that is pretty clever if they are referring to the fact that The Black Parade is supposedly dead.”

Meanwhile Jennasie wrote: “It’s because they will never play as The Black Parade ever again so they are like..dead. Flat lining.”