My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way’s comic to be made into movie?

An 'Umbrella Academy' adaptation could be on the cards

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way‘s comic strip could be made into a film, he has revealed.

The success of the first run of the singer’s superhero series ‘The Umbrella Academy’ has led to the title being optioned as part of a deal between publishers Dark Horse and Universal.

Director Alfonso Cuaron has first refusal on the project, but Way told SFX that he is not getting ahead of himself.

He said: “He’s the only director who has the material at the moment. If we get the right people in place, it could be really amazing but I’m trying not to think about it too much. I’m keeping my head focussed on the comics.

“I would prefer people to read the comic first as a point of reference before any film comes out. But the first story (‘The Apocalypse Suite’) is really compact with a beginning, a middle and an end so you could easily make that into a film.”

For now, Way is concentrating on the second series, ‘Dallas’, which as previously reported, concerns the assassination of JFK.

“It’s more political,” he said, “something I’ve stayed away from in my music and in my comics. It deals with some pretty harsh subjects in American history. It’s more relevant than the first series, which was a traditional story about being brought up good or bad.

“It’s more violent for sure. The first issue sets the tone and the second and third subsequently become more violent.

“It’s largely American. It’s tough because we’d built this largely European universe. You don’t know where the city they live in is but it’s an amalgamation of London, Prague and places like that. So moving into American territory was a risk for us.”

The first issue of ‘Dallas’ is published on November 26.

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