My Chemical Romance get Madonna’s help

Emo rockers network their way to Liza Minnelli

My Chemical Romance have credited Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg with convincing Liza Minnelli to appear on ’The Black Parade’.

Singing and Oscar-winning acting legend Minnelli features on the track ’Mama’ from their new album.

Searching for a female vocalist for the track, the band told producer Rob Cavallo that Minnelli was top of their list.


Singer Gerard Way said: “We have discussed a woman forever but then I eventually I just did the woman’s voice. I was like, ‘It just seems like such a cop out.’

“He (Cavallo) said: ‘Well, who do you want to get?’ and I was like ‘We should get Liza Minnelli. Why not?’

“(Cavallo) called Liz Rosenberg, who is her publicist, and got her to do it.”

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