This week’s releases: October 23 2006

Albums and singles released in the UK today

My Chemical Romance‘s eagerly awaited album ‘The Black Parade’ is released today (October 23).

There’s also big albums out for Robbie Williams who makes his return with ‘Rudebox’), and The Ordinary Boys are back with their third LP ‘How You Wanted To Get Everything You Ever Wanted In Ten Easy Steps’.

In the singles releases The Kooks‘Ooh La’ goes head to head with The Raconteurs‘Broken Boy Soldier’ and The Long Blondes‘Once And Never Again’.


Albums releases:

My Chemical Romance – ‘The Black Parade’

Robbie Williams – ‘Rudebox’

The Ordinary Boys – ‘How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted In Ten Easy Steps’

Pet Shop Boys – ‘Live At Mermaid Theatre’

Meatloaf – ‘Bat Out Of Hell 3 – The Monster Is Loose’


Tim Finn – ‘Imaginary Kingdom’

Simple Kid – ‘SK2’

Arab Strap – ‘Ten Years Of Tears’

Various – ‘Mercury Rev: Back To Mine’

Bob Dylan – ‘Real Live’

Singles releases:

The Kooks – ‘Ooh La’

The Raconteurs – ‘Broken Boy Soldier’

The Long Blondes – ‘Once And Never Again’

Shitdisco – ‘Reactor Party’

Magic Numbers – ‘Take A Chance’

The View – ‘Superstar Tradesman’

The Others – ‘The Truth That Hurts’

Milburn – ‘What You Could Have Won’

The Maccabees – ‘First Love’

Mumm-Ra’s ‘Out Of The Question’

Humanzi – ‘Out On A Wire’