My Chemical Romance drummer explains wrist problems

Bob Bryar explains cancellations

My Chemical Romance’s Bob Bryar has written about his recent injuries, which caused the band to axe shows..

Writing on their Myspace Bryar addressed the cancellation of their date in Maine.

He wrote: “We are very sorry about cancelling our recent show in Maine. I have been having many problems with my wrists over the past few years. They have been getting worse but I kept playing. I have seen many doctors to get some relief so I wouldn’t have to stop playing. I guess I pushed it too hard this time.


“During our show at Maxwell’s I got a golf ball-sized lump in my wrist, I started to not only have pain, but lose control and feeling in my fingers.

“I went through a process to control the swelling and attempted to play the show with Bon Jovi the next day. The Bon Jovi show was really bad for me – I was dropping sticks and could barely hit my drums.

“After that show we decided I had to go get immediate treatment. I had to leave the tour. Being the stubborn person I am, I made a last minute decision to give it another shot on the second Bon Jovi show. It didn’t work, we had to cut the set in half. We have a fill in now as I am getting treatment – he learned the songs in one day. We will try our hardest to make the show up to you when the specialists give me the okay.”

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