My Chemical Romance brand emo ‘shit’

Gerard Way and co speak about their hatred of the genre

My Chemical Romance have talked of their hatred of emo music.

Frontman Gerard Way, talking to American college website The Maine Campus, branded emo music “shit” during the interview, speaking of his displeasure at his band being incorporated into the genre.

“I think emo’s a pile of shit,” said Way. “I think emo is fucking garbage – it’s bullshit.


“I think there are bands that we get lumped in with that are considered emo and, by default, that starts to make us emo. All I can say is that anyone actually listening to the records, putting the records next to each other and listening to them, [would know there are] actually no similarities.”

The singer went on to talk about his band’s upcoming support slots with Bon Jovi.

“It’s a huge honour,” he said. “I grew up as a Bon Jovi fan.”