My Chemical Romance bring ‘The Black Parade’ to the UK

And the spectacular show doesn't disappoint

My Chemical Romance brought ‘The Black Parade’ to the UK in spectacular fashion last night (March 20) as the band’s largest ever tour kicked off at the Plymouth Pavilion.

Much had been made of the theatrical stage show the band were planning to put on, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Split into two sections – the first comprising of current album ‘The Black Parade’ being played chronologically and in its entirety, and the second raw, stripped-down renditions of songs from the band’s first two albums – the show began with frontman Gerard Way arriving onstage in a hospital bed, clad in a white gown and skeletal make-up, before the curtain dropped and the band launched into ‘The End’.

Wearing matching black and white braided military jackets, Way introduced the band to the crowd – many of whom had been queuing outside all day to ensure a spot in the front row – by saying, “We are The Black Parade and we’ve heard you’re all a bunch of disgusting fucking animals”, before urging them to boo as loudly as they could because, “we fucking love it”.

The audience sang along to every word of UK Number One single ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’, which climaxed with a giant ticker tape explosion.

That wasn’t the only trick up the band’s sleeve, however – both ‘Mama’ and last single ‘Famous Last Words’, which closed the first section of the show, were augmented by giant flame cannons. On exiting the stage, Way kept up the facade by informing the crowd that: “My Chemical Romance are on next, if you like that sort of shit.”

After a brief five-minute interval, the band reappeared, this time as My Chemical Romance, to race through a handful of older songs in a more back-to-basics style, with bassist Mikey Way even jokily taking to the stage in his old glasses.

Opening with ‘I’m Not OK (I Promise)’, it was a brief but highly-charged punk rock tour de force that ended with a climactic ‘Helena’ and Gerard declaring that “we haven’t had an audience this fucking crazy since the last time we were in the UK. We’re so fucking happy we started this tour in Plymouth“.

The tour continues tonight (March 21) in Brighton.

The full setlist was:

‘The End’


‘This Is How I Disappear’

‘The Sharpest Lives’

‘Welcome To The Black Parade’

‘I Don’t Love You’

‘House Of Wolves’






‘Famous Last Words’

‘I’m Not OK (I Promise)’

‘Death Wish’

‘Cemetery Drive’

‘Ghost Of You’

‘Give ‘Em Hell’

‘Thank You For The Venom’

‘You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison’