My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero shares new solo demo ‘Joyriding’ – listen

The guitarist says the song was written as a challenge after being inspired during an interview

Former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero has shared a new solo track with fans.

The song, titled ‘Joyriding’, was inspired by an interview Iero did with a UK journalist yesterday (August 6). Iero explained in a blog post that he wrote and recorded the demo track then released it immediately to stop getting to a point where self-doubt led to him scrapping the music altogether. Scroll down to hear the track now.

Talking about the inspiration behind the song, Iero wrote on his blog: “After I got off the phone I went down into my basement and wrote this song. Sam (Kerrang! journalist) and I had talked about inspiration and creativity, and I told him I go through periods of making things and then a week later hating everything I’ve made and destroying it all. I told him I’d like to try and experiment with creating something and releasing it before I have a chance to hate myself for making it. So when I wrote this song it almost seemed like a dare…”

Iero uploaded ‘Joyriding’ to SoundCloud late on Tuesday night, earlier this afternoon he tweeted to thank fans who have listened to the song. “Wow, thanks to everyone who took the time to listen to ‘Joyriding’ & made their friends do the same,” he wrote. “It’s a wonderful feeling to know you care.”

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way recently uploaded lyrics to a new solo song of his own after claiming that he dreamed he posted the words on an NME forum. Waking up to discover the forum no longer exists, he placed the lyrics to ‘Millions’ on his blog and shared them with his fans.