My Chemical Romance confirm full details and tracklisting for ‘Conventional Weapons’

The first of the band's new releases will hit the shelves on October 30

My Chemical Romance have confirmed full details of their new ‘Conventional Weapons’ series of releases.

The tracks were recorded in 2009 during the sessions for the band’s fourth album, which they then scrapped to instead record ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’.

The band announced late last week that they will be releasing 10 tracks in this series over the next five months.


The first release will see a track named ‘Boy Division’ and an accompanying B-Side ‘Tomorrow’s Money’ released on October 30. Each release will be available worldwide in both digital and 7″ vinyl format.

On November 23, the next release will be a song by the name of ‘AMBULANCE’ along with a B-Side titled ‘Gun’. Then, on December 18, a track called ‘The World Is Ugly’, with a B-Side named ‘The Light Behind Your Eyes’ will emerge.

In 2013, the band will put out a track titled ‘Kiss The Ring’ on January 8, with a new song named ‘Make Room!!!!!’ also coming out. Finally, on February 5, a track titled ‘Surrender The Night’ and a B-Side named ‘Burn Bright’ will come out.

Speaking about the tracks, My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero has said: “Beginning in October we will be releasing 2 songs a month for 5 months. 10 songs in total from the Conventional Weapons sessions we did back in 2009. We hope you enjoy these time capsules, and that they may shed a little more light on how and where ‘Danger Days’ came from.”

He continued: “And maybe even where the future of MCR might be heading. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… and now it is finally time to lift the veil on ‘Conventional Weapons’.”

The band have spent the last year working on their fifth studio album, with Iero previously saying that their new LP wouldn’t be “just a collection of songs” and said that they were eager to release another concept-heavy album.


The full tracklisting for the ‘Conventional Weapons’ releases is as follows:

Title: Number One
A-side: ‘Boy Division’
B-side: ‘Tomorrow’s Money’
Release date: October 30 2012

Title: Number Two
B-side: ‘Gun.’
Release date: November 23 2012

Title: Number Three
A-side: ‘The World Is Ugly’
B-side: ‘The Light Behind Your Eyes’
Release date: December 18 2012

Title: Number Four
A-side: ‘Kiss The Ring’
B-side: ‘Make Room!!!!’
Release date: January 8 2013

Title: Number Five
A-side: ‘Surrender The Night’
B-side: ‘Burn Bright’
Release date: February 5 2013

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