Is the My Chemical Romance comeback a 10th anniversary ‘The Black Parade’ reissue?

Emo band post cryptic video teaser online

My Chemical Romance could be set to reissue their most successful album, ‘The Black Parade’, for its 10th anniversary amid rumours that the band might reunite.

The New Jersey emo band originally split up in 2013 but yesterday (Wednesday, July 21) shared a 34 second clip that features a flag with a black cross on it billowing in the wind. Slow piano notes play over the top of the video, which ends with the date 9.23.16 (September 23, 2016).

Fans have pointed out that the date is exactly a month before the 10 year anniversary of the band’s third album ‘The Black Parade’. The band’s avatar has been changed to read the initials ‘MCRX’, further suggesting a 10 year celebration of sorts. Others have also noted that the band have deleted their original break-up tweet.


Despite rumours of a possible reunion, Entertainment Weekly reports that a source has confirmed that the band will reissue ‘The Black Parade’ along with “previously unreleased demos”.

NME has not been able to independently verify the reports.

Since disbanding My Chemical Romance, frontman Gerard Way released his own solo album ‘Hesitant Alien’.


The band released a greatest hits record ‘May Death Never Stop You’ in March 2014.