Gerard Way: ‘I can never escape My Chemical Romance’

Frontman says he's not 'burnt out' anymore and is enjoying making music again

My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way has said he “can never leave or escape” his band.

According to Music-News, the frontman claimed he and his bandmates were more inspired than ever and were no longer on the verge of exhaustion or suffering from burnout.

He said:

Going on 10 years now we love being in the band. It’s something you can never leave or escape or get away from, and that’s a great thing.

Way also said that the band were enjoying working on the follow-up to their 2010 album ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’, adding: “The cool thing is we’ve spent a lot of time writing new material on the road this time. We didn’t do that before ‘Danger Days…”.

“I think [it’s down to] just not being burnt out,” he continued. “Really enjoying and connecting with making music again, just being inspired, whereas after [their third album] ‘The Black Parade’ we weren’t inspired to do much at all besides disappear.”

Last week (February 1), the band’s guitarist Frank Iero insisted that their new LP wouldn’t be “just a collection of songs” and said that they were eager to release another concept-heavy album. Previously, Iero has also hinted that My Chemical Romance’s new album could be released this year