My Chemical Romance: ‘Our new album won’t just be a collection of songs’

Band insist 'Danger Days…' follow-up will have 'some sort of thought and vision behind it'

My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero has insisted that the band’s new album won’t “just be a collection of songs”.

In an interview with Noise11, Iero revealed that he and his bandmates were eager to follow-up their 2010 effort ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’ with another concept-heavy LP.

He said:

It can’t just be a collection of songs. It’s never going to be ‘Oh, we had these 12 songs so record it real quick and we’ll put them out!’. I don’t think anyone can really do that these days without some sort of thought or vision behind it. I think the days of just filling the time and putting a disc out is over, and I’m glad, because those are some of my least favourite records.

The guitarist also revealed that the band were building their own studio in LA to record their fifth album in, so they could “be there and be creative whenever we want to be”. He added: “That’s the tough thing doing records in a cycle and you have three or four months where you have to write and record a record and sometimes that’s tough.

“You can take longer, but you always feels like there’s something over your head like a time constraint, and now we’ll have our own place where we can go and make music 24 hours a day.”

Last October, Iero hinted that My Chemical Romance’s new album could be released this year. He had previously suggested that he and the he other members of the New Jersey rockers could start to pursue side projects as they came to the end of their touring cycle, but later went on to say the band had a “couple of things coming in the works” and that they could put out new music this summer.