Sacked My Chemical Romance drummer: ‘Stealing from the band was a tremendous mistake’

Former band member issues statement to clear up alleged theft

Former My Chemical Romance drummer Michael Pedicone has issued a statement regarding his sacking from the band.

He was kicked out for allegedly stealing from the band’s camp.

Due to the “twisting and manipulation” of the actions that led to his dismissal, he has drafted a comment for Kerrang! magazine to set the record straight, claiming a build-up of tension with a nameless member of the crew led to him reaching his “wits’ end”.

He said:

Rather than address the issues that I had with the crew member in an open and honest manner, I tried to make them look irresponsible. My intention was to make this person look incompetent. I had no intention of profiting whatsoever. Again, I cannot overstate how poor my judgment was in this situation; it was a tremendous mistake, and it’s one I’ll regret for years to come.

In the statement, he added: “I would have liked an opportunity to share my side of the story with MCR, an opportunity to express my remorse. I was never given one.”

He goes on to thank members of MCR’s crew and fans, signing off simply “Thank you, Michael Pedicone.”

Former Suicide File drummer Jarrod Alexander is temporarily filling in while the band continue their US tour with Blink-182.

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