My Chemical Romance hint that new album could be out ‘next summer’

Frank Iero says the band have 'a couple of things coming in the works'

My Chemical Romance‘s Frank Iero has hinted that the band could release a new album next summer.

Last month, the guitarist had suggested that he and the other members of the New Jersey rockers could start to pursue side-projects as they came to the end of the touring cycle for their fourth album ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’.

However, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Iero revealed that the group would be working on new material for the rest of the year.

“Whether it be writing a new My Chem record or working on a different kind of project, there are a couple of things coming in the works,” he said, before adding:

But I definitely see new music coming out or at least being worked on throughout the rest of this year and hopefully maybe something coming out by summer.

Last month (September 3), Iero and the rest of My Chemical Romance were forced to sack their drummer Mike Pedicone after he was allegedly caught stealing from the band.

Pedicone later admitted that he made “a tremendous mistake” but insisted that a build-up of tension with a nameless member of the band’s crew was the reason behind his actions as he wanted to make them “look incompetent”.