My Chemical Romance explain how Blade Runner, Judas Priest and a car inspired new album

Group have channelled 1980s for their next record

My Chemical Romance have revealed more details about their forthcoming fourth album.

Frontman Gerard Way said the follow-up to their 2006 concept album ‘The Black Parade’ has been influenced by muscle cars, the film Blade Runner and Judas Priest.

“The fact there’s a song now tentatively titled ‘Trans-Am’ is a bold thing for this band to do as opposed to our previous material,” Gerard Way told “There’s something in that phrase that’s obviously more than the car. But to bring something like old ’70s muscle car culture into the music, that’s kind of a different move.”

Earlier in the year Way used Twitter to purchase a Trans Am car explaining that it was research for the album.

As previously reported, My Chemical Romance had revealed that the record was being influenced by MC5 and The Stooges, but Way explained how the 1980s have also influenced the album.

Talking about one of their new songs, ‘Death Before Disco’, Way admitted that the music of Judas Priest had shaped the album.

“That song actually reminded me in an odd way of all the best stuff of ’80s what is called cock rock, but not all of it was,” Way explained. “Judas Priest is considered metal, but it’s great rock’n’roll. It’s having nothing to do with that era of metal, the hair rock, but then having everything to do with like the birth of power-anthem metal. After ‘Trans Am’ that started to really bleed into the record.”

As well as music and wheels, the frontman added that the 1982 film Blade Runner had played a part in the recording sessions.

“I watched a lot of Blade Runner and I watched a lot of the Making Of Blade Runner, [director] Ridley Scott was really inspiring too, just kind of his unwillingness to put the camera down and really capture something special,” he said. “People were upset by that, but he was very strong in his vision and I think the band was very strong in its vision this time. That’s why the record took – instead of a month and a half to do – four months to track because our barometer for great was very high.”

Their fourth LP, which was recorded in Los Angeles with Bruce Springsteen producer Brendan O’Brien, is due in spring 2010.