My Chemical Romance on Pulp: ”Common People’ was important to us growing up’

Gerard Way's band discuss the song they've been covering live

My Chemical Romance have talked about why they’ve been covering Pulp‘s ‘Common People’ on their current European tour.

The band were speaking to BBC Radio 1 prior to recording a version of the 1995 single for the Live Lounge.

Singer Gerard Way said: “This [‘Common People’] is a song that, growing up in New Jersey, it was very important to me and Mikey [Way]. It was very relevant to us, feeling like you were in a place you could never get out of, that you were never going to escape.”


He added: “I remember pushing carts at a supermarket listening to this song on headphones on a cassette player and wondering whether the hell I was ever going to get out of New Jersey.”

He also stated: “It [‘Common People’] speaks to regular people and that’s why it’s so great. And they’re an amazing band.”

Scroll down and click below to watch the Live Lounge recording.

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