My Chemical Romance to tour new album at ‘small punk venues’?

Gerard Way tells NME.COM about the band's plans for follow-up to 'The Black Parade'

My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way has hinted the band will tour “punk clubs” for their new album, the recording of which is nearing completion.

In an interview you can read in full in this week’s issue of NME (out now nationwide) Way tells all about the follow up to 2006 album ‘The Black Parade’. As well as talking about new songs like ‘Black Dragon Fighting Society’ and ‘Light Behind Your Eyes’, he admits that he likes the idea of playing smaller venues – partly because the band’s new songs are suited to them, and partly due of the current economic climate.

“The record we’ve made reflects the size of the venues we’re going to play them in,” Way explained. “We can play these songs in stadiums; we can play them in arenas. But we can also play them in punk clubs, and maybe that’s all people are gonna be able to go to next time around, who knows?”


Speaking about the new record, which is currently untitled, Way suggested that fans could expect the music to be less theatrical than on previous albums.

“People just wanna fucking rock,” he explained. He then added: “I don’t know that people want to make statements right now. I can’t comment on anybody else’s record but I certainly feel something in the air, like, people just want the truth and they don’t need a big story.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Way says that another album track, ‘Bullet Proof Heart’ – which is likely to be the band’s comeback single – references The Killers‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’.

Pick up a copy of this week’s NME (out nationwide now) to read the full My Chemical Romance interview.

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