My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way: ”Watchmen’ shaped my life’

Star speaks about comic book film adaption and Bob Dylan cover

My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way has explained how the comic book ‘Watchmen’, the film version of which will be released in the UK on March 6, shaped his life from an early age.

MCR have covered Bob Dylan’s ‘Desolation Row’ for the soundtrack of the film, with Way revealing on his blog at that his interest in the comic was what inspired him to agree to take part.

“At 15 years old, just as I was discovering The Misfits’ ‘Walk Among Us’,” he wrote. “I was reading the first chapter of the graphic novel [‘Watchmen’.


“It is the one thing I can pinpoint that shaped my views and aesthetics, even down to the way I dressed at the time, not that I walked the hallways in a stained brown trench coat, but I definitely chose more antisocial articles of clothing, like an army jacket, picked up after watching ‘Taxi Driver’ for the 20th time, a film I was lead to by the comic. So I would definitely say it’s pretty important to me and the band.”

He added that he was grateful to Dylan for allowing the band to cover his song. “Special thanks to [a]Bob Dylan for letting us cover the song and for not getting really mad at us for hacking out some of the best lyrics ever written,” he wrote.