My Chemical Romance recording ‘helped’ by Gerard Way’s car hunt

Singer sends message from the studio

Gerard Way believes his attempts to buy a car via My Chemical Romance’s website will help the band’s album.

As reported yesterday (March 24), the singer is looking for a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am.

He said he intends to use the car to research “the high-voltage hydra known as the 9th dimension , I will be exploring the barriers of speed and time, the history of heavy-metal haircuts, and the 24-Hr rest-stop cappuccino. I will be chasing the ‘electric-manticore’, and unlocking the riddle of ‘Muscle Mystery’ in this muscle-machine, and it will most likely occur in the desert.”

Having now received a series of offers via, Way posted on Twitter that the vehicle will aid the recording of his band’s new album.

“Record is coming along great by the way,” he wrote. “Will be better and faster with the proper research vessel.”