Gerard Way trying to buy car via My Chemical Romance’s website

Singer offering to kidnap the Jonas Brothers for a Pontiac Trans Am

My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way is using his band’s website to buy a new car.

The singer originally began his quest on Twitter explaining that he was looking for a “1979 Pontiac Trans Am” and was open to offers.

He then stepped things up on, detailing the kinds of vehicle he is after.

“Some of you, who have seen my Twitter about wanting a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, may be asking yourselves, “Is this for real?” he wrote. “And my answer to you is one-hundred percent MFR (‘Mad Fucking Real’ for short).
Some of you may be asking, ‘Why?’, so I provided this photograph to answer your questions, and if you need further persuasion- Quite simply, I need the vehicle for ‘research and exploration’.

“I will be researching the high-voltage hydra known as the 9th dimension , I will be exploring the barriers of speed and time, the history of heavy-metal haircuts, and the 24-Hr rest-stop cappuccino. I will be chasing the ‘electric-manticore’, and unlocking the riddle of ‘Muscle Mystery’ in this muscle-machine, and it will most likely occur in the desert.

“Now that I’ve assuaged your curiosity, here’s what I’m looking for, more or less, and some might think I’m picky, but I think you should be picky when looking for such an important piece of scientific equipment.”

Way then detailed what he’s after, explaining that although his dad was a mechanic, he does not know that much about cars himself.

“I would like ‘the fast engine’ to show you how much I know about cars,” he said. “I want it to run, run well, and have no rust. Oh and it needs to be an automatic, as I can’t drive stick (surprise!).”

Ideally the singer is after a silver car, but will consider blue, black and “Shitty bombed-out Red/Orange”.

He concluded by stating: “No scams or hustles. I won’t have cash on me, and I’m not important enough to kidnap, but if you’ve got the right car and the right ‘vibe’ I can find us someone important enough to kidnap together- IN-THE-CAR-YOU-JUST-SOLD-ME. Like, for example, the Jonas Brothers. I have been on TV and I have access. You bring the ‘bird- I’m bringing ‘British Steel’ by Judas Priest.”