My Chemical Romance solicit Red Bull can donations

And Gerard Way ponders the meaning of life in his Lucky Charms

My Chemical Romance are seeking donations of Red Bull cans for a “Red Bull wall” drummer Bob Bryar hopes to complete by the time the band finish recording their new record.

In a posting on the My Chemical Romance today (February 24), Bryar added on his blog, “now that i think about it more just send whatever. an old suitcase, or a remote that you dont know what its for, or a shoe, etc.”

The drummer gave fans the address of a representative at the Warner Bros record label, who may soon be receiving a lot of junk mail.

In addition, frontman Gerard Way suggested that a “Turkish lucky charm” as well as a monkey’s paw be added as marshmallow shapes for the popular Lucky Charms breakfast cereal. “They could easily be adapted to marshmallow form. Can’t you picture it?” he wrote. “I think a Monkey’s Paw would make an excellent addition to Lucky Charms as it is in fact, a lucky charm from days of yore. Most likely illegal now.”

The singer concluded by pondering the question: “Can you count your age by the marshmallows in a bowl of Lucky Charms? Like the rings of a great oak tree? I remember, as a child, the addition of Purple Horseshoes and eventually Red Balloons. I now notice there are Yellow Hourglasses. How many new magical totems of sugar will be in the bowl when I reach the age of 65?”

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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