My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro says Frank Iero’s bus crash was a ‘shock to the system’

He said the band are still a "close family" despite being broken up

My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro has described the near-fatal accident in which Frank Iero was involved last year as a “shock to the system”.

Last October, the musician was unloading equipment ahead of a show in Sydney under the guise of Frank Iero and the Patience when a bus collided with their tour van. Two men were taken to hospital in a serious, but stable condition. Iero was unharmed.

“That was a scary time for all of us,” Toro told Bang Showbiz. “Obviously [for] him and his family and the other guys who were in that crash. Not that we weren’t in a place where we weren’t talking or communicating, but it definitely sends a shock into your system.

“We could have lost this person and, for me personally, I have been friends with him for so long and it was just scary stuff. It was definitely a reality a check for sure.”

The guitarist, who released his solo album ‘Remember The Laughter’ in November 2016, also said his former band are still a “close family” despite having being broken up for three years and they all “keep an eye” on what the others are up to.

“We are very supportive of each other’s solo projects,” he said. That is one of the great things – we are still close friends and close family.

“We all keep an eye, even if we are not in touch with each other every day we all know what all the other guys are up to.”

Toro said he is a fan of what his friends “are capable of” and said he was “really proud” to see them all experimenting with new ideas and sounds that wouldn’t have fitted in with My Chemical Romance.