My Chemical Romance tease next big announcement in cryptic ‘MCRXX’ video

'MCRXX' is coming later today (January 29)

My Chemical Romance have teased their next big announcement with the release of a cryptic ‘MCRXX’ video — with some fans hoping that new music might be on the way.

The band announced their return to action late last year after initially splitting in 2013. They’ll play a series of live comeback shows later this year, including three gigs at Stadium MK in Milton Keynes.

MCR updates continue to filter through as the excitement surrounding the band’s reunion continues to build, and the band have now told fans that their next big announcement is coming later today (January 29).


Posting on Instagram last night (January 28), the below clip — titled ‘MCRXX’ — appears to be taken from a longer video, with some fans speculating that it is an excerpt from an as-yet-unreleased music video by the band.

In the clip, a hooded figure is seen putting on black Converse and a flannel shirt before blacking out the window and lighting candles.

The person then approaches a Ouija board, where brief glimpses of CD copies of past MCR albums ‘The Black Parade’, ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’ and ‘I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love’ can be seen laid out on the summoning circle.

The clip ends with the declaration that the announcement will be revealed in full later today on both the band’s YouTube page and their official site at 8:35AM PST/11:35AM EST (16:35PM UK time).


Earlier this week, fans of the band noted that Shazam has begun recognising My Chemical Romance’s as-yet-released track ‘An Offering’ as a single.

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