Exileinside plan an album a year over the next five years...

JAKE SHILLINGFORD, former frontman of orchestral pop outfit MY LIFE STORY who had a string of Top 40 hits in the 90s, is making Internet-only music production a reality with his latest venture, EXILEINSIDE.

Using the net, the unsigned duo -Shillingford has teamed up with MLS arranger Aaron Cahill – have raised cash from friends and fans to record a 12-track debut album to be released on August 12 and distributed through their own label and website,

My Life Story’s final gig was in December 2000 and Shillingford spent much of 2001 in New York writing tracks with Cahill and “working out how we can do this new band thing on our own with no backing”. EI launched in July 2001.

The tracks have been written and produced over the Internet and the band plan to release an album a year over the next five years.

By taking control of all production and marketing, EI claim their work will be “undiluted and uncompromised”.

“Times are changing,” Shillingford said, “and both artists and record labels are aware that the balance of power is now shifting to the people that create.”

They aim to recover the costs through sales of the eponymously-titled album and Shillingford gives bootleggers a stern warning on the site.

“Bootlegging will kill EI and two years of extremely hard work by myself and Aaron will go to waste, not to mention creating a posse of angry investors who will not get their money back.”

The band also plans to sell recordings of live sets via the site. EI played their first official live show at London Camden Barfly last night (June 10) and go on to play London Oxford Street Metro Club (July 2), London Dublin Castle (5) and London Water Rats at Uncle Bob’s (6).