My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James to release debut solo album

'Regions of Light and Sound of God' will come out in February next year

My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James is set to release his debut solo album.

‘Regions of Light and Sound of God’ will come out in North America on February 5, 2013 on the ATO label.

The album was inspired by the 1929 graphic novel God’s Man, by Lynd Ward, writes Pitchfork.


Of the album, James says:

I wanted the album to sound like it came from a different place in time. Perhaps sounding as if it were the past of the future, if that makes any sense – like a hazy dream that a fully-realized android or humanoid capable of thought might have when it reminisces about the good old days of just being a simple robot.

James is giving away the album’s first single, ‘Know Til Now’, for free. Click below to download it.

The ‘Regions of Light and Sound of God’ tracklisting is:

‘State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U)’
‘Know Til Now’
‘Dear One’
‘A New Life’
‘Of the Mother Again’
‘All Is Forgiven’
‘God’s Love to Deliver’