My Morning Jacket going ‘back to our roots’ for new album

Bassist Tom Blankenship says the recording process is 'worlds apart' from their last album

My Morning Jacket have revealed that they are going back to their roots for their next album.

Set to be the group’s sixth studio effort, the as-yet untitled album is being recorded in a Louisville church with producer Tucker Martine (The Decemberists).

“It’s worlds apart from what we were doing with [2008’s] ‘Evil Urges’,” bassist Tom ‘Two-Tone Tommy’ Blankenship told “This time it’s just the five of us; the control room is only separated by a curtain. We’re going back to a similar vibe that we had on the first three records. It’s definitely more laid back than it’s been in a while.”


He added: “It’s got that vibe to it where it sounds likes everybody is in the same room. Even if someone is only playing on half of a song, you can still feel their presence.”

Currently “a third of the way through”, the bassist also explained that they have finished five songs, including tracks called ‘Circuital’ and ‘Wonderful’.

As previously reported, frontman Jim James said the album would be out “mid-next year, probably May”.

Meanwhile, My Morning Jacket will begin a five-night New York residency on October 18.