My Morning Jacket announce DVD release

It’s the accompaniment for the album

My Morning Jacket are set to release a live DVD on November 20.

’Okonokos’ will be the accompaniment for the double album that was released recently.

It was recorded at San Francisco’s Fillmore and involves a storyline involving a killer bear, in a Southern Gothic style.


Pink Floyd cohort Marc Brickman is the lighting designer. The audio was mixed by Coldplay collaborator Michael Brauer.

The DVD was directed by Sam Erickson.

The DVD tracklisting is:

‘The Party’

‘Wordless Chorus’

‘It Beats 4 U’



‘One Big Holiday’

‘I Will Sing You Songs’


‘The Way That He Sings’

‘What A Wonderful Man’

‘Off The Record’


‘Lay Low’


‘Run Thru’

‘Xmas Curtain’

‘O Is The One That Is Real’

‘Steam Engine’



‘The Attack’

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