R&B's good girl reveals details of new LP 'Fear Of Flying'...

R&B’s official good girl MYA, who releases ‘FREE’, the third single from her million-selling album, ‘FEAR OF FLYING’ in the UK on Monday (May 28), has revealed details of her forthcoming album.

Following the impending release of her collaborative single ‘Lady Marmalade’ from the Moulin Rouge’ soundtrack, Mya will release a Disney-movie inspired ballad, ‘Where The Dream Takes You’ and finish work on her forthcoming album, upon which she raps!

The singer, who found famed on the rap track ‘Ghetto Superstar’ single told that “I actually stated out rhyming and I’m very capable.” In true rap style Mya also revealed that she will be dropping anonymous white label vinyl tracks in the US throughout the summer that will contrast with her butter-wouldn’t-melt image and bolster her sound.

“One song is called ‘Whatever Chick’ and the dirty version is called ‘Whatever Bitch’. It’s about you and your girls or guys and their friends who go to a club to party and it’s always this one chick that’s really trying to hate and bring you down we’re just… shaking her off saying, ‘Whatever, chick’,” she said.

You can check out the video for the single’Free’ and Mya‘s interview now in the video and audio sections of now.