Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes is seen in New Orleans after being missing for over a week...

TLC‘s LISA ‘LEFT EYE’ LOPES has been sighted safe and well, a week after her ‘disappearance’.

According to American news service Inside Edition, the 29-year-old rapper was seen by a TV camera crew leaving a hotel in New Orleans with her boyfriend Sean Newman. The pair got into a sports utility vehicle while a third passenger smiled and waved at the camera crew.

Concern had been expressed by associates of Lopes after she missed two scheduled appointments – a family reunion in Atlanta and a press conference to launch this year’s MOBO awards in Las Vegas. Previously, she had not been seen or heard from since August 31.


Lopes‘ publicist Matt Shelton played down his original concerns for her welfare, commenting “I’m sure the pair of them are somewhere safe and will turn up and make a grand appearance soon. As only Sean and Lisa can!”

Ian Burke, a partner in Lopes‘ production company Wish, who last week told the New York Post “I’m very concerned, I don’t know whether or not she’s OK”, said of her reappearance “Lisa takes these little sabbaticals all the time. It’s just that most of the time no one does a story about it.”

Lopes is still scheduled to co-present the Music of Black Origin Awards with DJ Trevor Nelson at London‘s Alexandra Palace on October 4.

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