Mystery Jets preview new material at Club NME LA

Band compare bassist to Gerard Way

Mystery Jets previewed new material for an adoring crowd at Club NME Los Angeles last night (February 18).

The band performed their first and only Los Angeles gig in more than a year on their way to play a handful of shows in Mexico.

“It’s been a year since we’ve been here and it’s good to be back,” frontman Blaine Harrison told the crowd, which included The CharlatansTim Burgess, members of The Like and Elvis Costello‘s drummer Pete Thomas.

The London-based band focused primarily on their most recent album ‘Twenty One’, playing crowdpleasers including ‘Half In Love With Elizabeth’ and ‘Hand Me Down’ during their hour-long set.

The band also previewed an upbeat new track called ‘Lady Grey’. “We’ve been touring our second album for a long time and we’ve been working on our third,” Harrison said. “We’d like to play you a new song. It’s called ‘Lady Grey’, like the tea.”

The new song got a positive response from the crowd, who cheered and clapped along.

Later in the evening, the band pointed out bassist Kai Fish‘s new hairdo, which he bleached platinum blonde that very morning. “He looks like Gerard Way,” quipped Harrison, comparing him to the My Chemical Romance frontman. “That’s an insult,” responded Fish. “You’re way cooler than Gerard,” Harrison reassured.

Mystery Jets played:


‘Half In Love With Elizabeth’

‘The Boy Who Ran Away’

‘Young Love’


‘Hand Me Down’

‘Lady Grey’

‘First To Know’

‘Alas Agnes’

‘Two Doors Down’

‘Behind The Bunhouse’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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