Mystery Jets’ Henry Harrison makes surprise return

Band enjoy father and son moment onstage in London

Mystery Jets‘ founding father Henry Harrison made a surprise return to the band in London last night (April 24).

The band’s UK tour arrived in their hometown with a sold-out show at the Scala, the scene of the surprise reunion.

Henry – father of frontman Blaine Harrison – had retired from full-time touring with the band, though he still contributed to new album ‘Twenty One’ in a songwriting capacity.

As the band returned to the stage for the encore after ‘Behind The Bunhouse’, bassist Kai Fish declared: “We’ve got a very special guest now, and he looks like Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings!”

Blaine then went on to introduce “my illegitimate father”. Henry sang ‘You Can’t Fool Me, Dennis’, with the band, before letting them conclude the show with ‘Zootime’.

After the show, Henry told NME.COM: “Appearing onstage with the band again is like being reborn into a higher reality, which I thought was gone, but it never went away. It’s like being at home again.”

Earlier on, the band had played nine tracks from new album ‘Twenty One’, with the crowd getting especially animated for forthcoming single ‘Two Doors Down’, for which they were joined by a live saxophonist. Album producer and influential DJ Erol Alkan was watching from the crowd.

Mystery Jets played:


‘Young Love’

‘Half In Love With Elizabeth’

‘Diamonds In The Dark’


‘Hand Me Down’

‘Veiled in Grey’

‘The Boy Who Ran Away’


‘Two Doors Down’

‘Behind the Bunhouse’

‘You Can’t Fool Me, Dennis’