Mystery Jets launch ‘Two Doors Down’ with intimate free gig

Band kick off three weeks of shows at new London record shop

Mystery Jets kicked off a series of intimate gigs at London record shop Pure Groove last night (June 2).

The Thamesbeat band marked the release of new single ‘Two Doors’ down by playing a seven-song free show.

Using the appearance to showcase songs from their new album ‘Twenty One’, the band performed the LP’s first single ‘Young Love’ early in the set, with frontman Blaine Harrison taking the part sung by Laura Marling on record.

“This is the first gig we’ve ever done in a meat market!” Observed guitarist William Rees. “Any of you managed to knick any vinyls yet? it’s what instores are all about! You should have a couple of vinyls each.”

Later, Mystery Jets threw the setlist open to the crowd. “What would you like to hear,” asked their singer Harrison. “‘[You Can’t Fool Me] Dennis’? You want to hear ‘Dennis’!”

However guitarist Rees Had other ideas. “What about me?” He joked. “I don’t want to do ‘Dennis’. ‘Dennis’ and me don’t get on any more!”

Instead after quick straw poll of the audience, the band – watched from the back by former bandmate and Harrison‘s dad, Henry – played ‘Flakes’.

Mystery Jets then finished up their set with the song of the moment, single ‘Two Doors Down’, which was released that morning.

Mystery Jets played:


‘Young Love’

‘Half In Love With Elizabeth’



‘Hand Me Down’

‘Two Doors Down’

Earlier support had come from singer-songwriter Jeremy Warmsley, as the shop kicked off two weeks of shows to mark its opening.

The following acts are now set to play Too Pure‘s West Smithfield shop:

Lykke Lie (June 4)

DJ battle: Adventures Close To Home vs This Is Not An Exit (6)

Ipso Facto (7)

Metronomy (9)

Health (10)

White Williams (11)

Black Devil Disco Club (12)

O Children / Scum (13)

Team Robespierre (14)

Tokyo Police Club (18)

The Chap / Gable (20)

Bumblebeez (21)

Dockers MC (spoken word night) (23)

Liam Finn (25)

Mumford And Sons/ SixNationState/special guests (26)

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