Mystery Jets recording Pink Floyd-inspired fifth album

Record also influenced by the environment

Mystery Jets have confirmed that they have a new album coming.

The Eel Pie Island band released their last album ‘Radlands’ in 2012, now revealing that they are currently recording its follow-up, what will be their fifth full-length.

Speaking in this month’s issue of DIY Magazine, the group described the LP as “a big melting pot of all of our influences”, citing the likes of Pink Floyd and King Crimson as inspiration.


“For us, we’ve been through quite a lot in the last couple of years and there have been certain realisations that come with being in a band that has been playing together for two decades,” guitarist William Rees said.

“There’s been a lot of growing up that’s happened in the last couple of years, and a lot of us just doing it for ourselves and setting up the studio, and having to fight our own corners. Not worry about disappearing for a couple of years, not worry about whether we’re still popular or not, and just getting on with it and facing up to reality. I think these songs have that feeling about them.”


Frontman Blaine Harrison also revealed how the album has been influenced by American environmentalist writer Stewart Brand.

“[Brand] was there at the dawn of the environmental movement and he’s sort of seen as one of the founding fathers of sustainable living… He’s a scientist really, and I wrote to him and he became a bit of a guiding spirit. We established a dialogue with him on what the album’s about and how we want to carry his vision forward”.

Writing on their official website last year, Mystery Jets announced that they were “deep into the thick of album five sessions”, and had built their own studio in a former button factory.

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