Mystery pianist goes viral after epic performance in Manchester street

He performed a run of rave classics and also covered Oasis

A man has gone viral after a video of him performing a medley of classics on the street in Manchester was spread across the internet.

Shot outside Forsyth Music Store in Deansgate, the video features an unlikely passer-by sitting down to run through a collection of dance and rap hits on a piano which sits outside the shop.

Starting with Faithless’ Insomnia’ he also played segments of piano instrumentals to Alice DJ’s ‘Better Off Alone’, ‘Every Time We Touch’ by Cascada , ‘Still D.R.E.’ by Dr Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, ‘Dernière Danse’ by Indila and ‘Changes’ by 2Pac. The video shows just a small part of what is said to have been a two-hour set.

Since being uploaded on Friday, the video has since clocked up tens of thousands of hits across Facebook and Youtube.

Manchester Evening News then tracked the mystery pianist down, revealing his identity as 30-year-old Christopher Scamp from Liverpool.

“No one else in my family is in to music but I always have been and I learned to play myself in my own room just picking things up,” he told MEN. “I can play a few hundred songs and I can do them all the way through but tend to just mix parts of them together as not everyone has the patience for a full song.”

He has since been invited to play in Cuba, and plans to appear on Britain’s Got Talent next year.

Scamp returned for Manchester Evening News to perform a rendition of Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’:

A full-time carer for his mother, Scamp is also currently saving to buy a piano of his own.

“When I play it just comes automatically like my hands are doing it but not my brain,” he added.

“I’ll know what I’m doing for the next for or five songs and I can go into a bubble where I’m not thinking about anything else.”