The rising US rap star arrives 20 minutes after the audience leaves...

Rising rap star MYSTIKAL missed his own New Year LOS ANGELES show at the weekend, arriving at the venue 20 minutes after the audience had left.

Mystikal, who went straight to Number One in the US album charts with debut album ‘Let’s Get Ready’, had been due to play at the Staples Centre at 12.02am on Monday morning (January 1) but didn’t get to the venue until 1.20am.

“By that time, everyone had gone home,” concert organiser Oscar Finley told [url=] “We were disturbed that he didn’t make it. People paid to see him, and we feel he should have made a better effort to be there.”

A spokesperson for the rapper arrived at the centre between 11pm and midnight on December 31 explaining that Mystikal was at nearby hotel after arriving late in Los Angeles when his flight was delayed due to bad weather.

A problem appears to have arisen when the spokesperson demanded the outstanding balance of Mystikal’s appearance fee. He had been given a deposit before arrival but demanded the balance before showing up. Finley refused to pay until Mystikal appeared at the Staples Centre in person, and was assured he would soon be there.

Mystikal’s no show for his 20-minute set left the stage empty and silent for half an hour.

Mystikal has yet to comment.

Also performing on the night were Destiny’s Child and Ideal.

Meanwhile, Mystikal was left confused and furrow browed following a spoof interview on UK television broadcast last night (January 2). He was the main guest on ‘Daisy, Daisy’ in which the interviewer Daisy Donovan (a former presenter on Channel 4’s ’11 O’Clock Show’, which also produced Ali G) pretended to be a dizzy English reporter travelling to the US in a bid to win the attentions of Mystikal.