'Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against The Wall)' is the first major hip-hop release to address the US's war on terror...

OSAMA BIN LADEN features in the video for the new single by MYSTIKAL, ‘BOUNCIN’ BACK (BUMPIN’ ME AGAINST THE WALL)’ – the first major hip-hop release to address the US’s war on terror.

In the video, the al Qaeda terror network chief is seen glaring from the cover of a magazine called ‘World’ as Mystikal walks past a newsstand. The recent anthrax attacks on postal workers are also addressed, with other magazines on the news stand emblazoned with the name of the disease and a postman seen wearing a protective mask as he does his round.

The song, which features the line: “You keep bumping me against a wall/Yeah, I know I let you slide before/But until you seen me, trust me/You ain’t seen bouncin’ back'”is Mystikal‘s explanation of how the US is going to get back in the stride of things,” said the track’s producer Pharrell Williams of production super duo The Neptunes. “It’s not necessarily about the war aspect, but just the American self-esteem and the American morale – raising it back to what it was before. America’s bouncin’ back. It’s gonna take so much more than anthrax to wipe us out, and blowing up our planes,” he added.

The single is released on February 11, exactly five months after the Twin Towers strike. New album ‘Tarantula’ is released on February 18.