'Tarantula' is out in February...

Multi-platinum selling US rapper MYSTIKAL has finally confirmed a UK release date for his new album ‘TARANTULA’.

The record, the first major rap release to address events of September 11, will appear on February 18. ‘Tarantula’ follows Mystikal‘s breakthrough 2000 debut ‘Let’s Get Ready’. The album features production from The Neptunes, Rockwilder and Juvenile as well as collaborations with, amongst others Redman & Methodman and Mariah Carey.

On ‘Bouncin’ Back (Bumpin’ Me Against the Wall)’, the first track on the album, the New Orleans native Mystikal raps: “You keep bumping me against a wall/Yeah, I know I let you slide before/But until you seen me, trust me/You ain’t seen bouncin’ back.”

Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams was one of the first to discuss the Gulf War veteran’s avowed patriotism.

“He’s talking about (Osama) bin Laden’s people,” he said. “That whole crew who has America on their hearts and have been trying to hurt us and sorta disband us.

“When he says ‘Bouncin’ Back’, he doesn’t mean we’re striking back. He just means getting back in the stride of things and healing. It’s not necessarily about the war aspect, but just the American self-esteem and the American morale – raising it back to what it was before. America’s bouncin’ back. It’s gonna take so much more than anthrax to wipe us out, and blowing up our planes,” he added.