N-Dubz’s Dappy punches fan at gig, claiming he was threatened by a plastic glass

'It could have been fatal,' says the rapper

N-Dubz‘ Dappy has said he punched a fan in the mouth with his microphone at a recent gig because he threatened him with a glass – you can watch footage of the incident below.

The rapper lashed out at the fan during his performance at the Play nightclub in Hereford on Friday (March 29). However, Dappy has defended his actions, which resulted in the fan being taken to hospital in a taxi to receive treatment, by claiming that the victim had swung the glass towards him.

He said:

I swung to disarm the glass from his hand. If that glass had hit me it could have been fatal

Speaking about the incident, venue manager Dan Guerche told the Daily Express: “A customer lunged through security towards Dappy with a plastic glass in his hand. Dappy, fearing for his safety, pushed the male away to remove the glass from his hand and caught the male on the head.”

In February (2013), Dappy was given a 6-month suspended sentence after being found guilty of affray and one assault offence. The sentence followed an incident at a petrol station in Surrey after he was accused of spitting towards two girls who refused to get into a car with him.