N-Dubz’s Dappy threatens to ‘grab David Cameron by the neck’

Rapper takes exception to PM's policy on raising university fees

Former N-Dubz rapper Dappy has criticised David Cameron and the raising of university fees by the Conservative party, saying he would like to grab the PM by the neck in retaliation to the rises.

Speaking to The Guardian, Dappy said that were he offered the chance to speak to Cameron he would be “blunt” with his words.

The rapper, who gave Channel 4’s alternative Christmas speech in 2010 said that were he to give the speech again in 2012, it “wouldn’t be as clever as last time”. He said:

I’d be more blunt forward this time. I’d grab David Cameron by the neck, and raise him like a uni fee. Cameron took it from being able to go to a uni for free to having to pay 11 grand if you’re smart to put your kids through. Come on.”

Dappy was recently arrested for affray following an incident at a petrol station in Guilford earlier this year.

The court case has been delayed until 2013. If found guilty, Dappy faces up to six months in prison.