N-Dubz drummer found guilty of sexual assault

Aaron Fagan says he's been convicted with 'no evidence'

N-Dubz‘ drummer Aaron Fagan has been found guilty of sexually assaulting two women after the band performed in Glasgow last year.

Fagan, 25, groped the women after N-Dubz‘s Strathclyde University Students’ Union gig in John Street on October 1. He was convicted at Glasgow Sheriff Court, though sentencing has been deferred until next month, reports BBC News.

One of the two victims, both of whom cannot be named for legal reasons, explained that before Fagin assaulted her, he had asked if she wanted to go to a party with him.

The victim, 20, told the court: “He put his arms over our shoulders and started leading us up the stairway. As we were climbing the stairs he took his hand away from my neck and put it on my bottom and started grabbing at it.

“We carried on climbing the stairs and he hit my friend on the bum too. He then moved round behind me and, with both arms reaching round from behind, started to grab my breasts. I took both his hands off me and told him not to touch me.”

Following his conviction by Sheriff Joanna Johnston rather than a jury, Fagan shouted, “This wasn’t justice today.”

Speaking outside the court, he said: “I’m a black man and I have been tried by a white jury. It’s pretty clear what happened in that court and it’s the opposite of justice. I’ve been convicted with no evidence, no CCTV or anything.”

Fagan added: “Tell me how many people could have been convicted for squeezing a girl’s arse, nearly every guy could be up for that.”