Lance Bass will not be blasting off after 'failing to fulfil the conditions of his contract'...

Russian officials say *N SYNC star LANCE BASS’ will not go into space after “failing to fulfil the conditions of his contract”.

The star is due to blast off in a Spyuz rocket to the International Space Station in October, on a ticket costing a reported $20million.

However, spokesperson Sergei Gorbunov told Reuters that Bass has been told to leave the Star City training centre near Moscow.


He commented: “After failing to fulfil the conditions of his contract, Lance Bass has been told that his training at the Cosmonaut Training Center has ended and that his flight to the ISS is impossible. We are preparing to send a cargo container to the ISS instead of a third crew member. Bass is now at Star City, gathering his stuff and preparing to leave.”

Bass started his training on July 4, and was cramming six months pre-flight preparations into four months.

LA based production company Destiny Productions are filming Bass’s training and flight for a television special called ‘Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass’. Producer David Krieff has been gathering sponsors to help cover the flight fee.

However, the company who are brokering Bass’s flight said they were still aiming to settle the dispute. A spokesperson commented: “Discussions are still continuing between the company supporting Lance Bass, and our Russian colleagues. We had a meeting today and will continue to meet tomorrow.

“I believe that we can be very confident that we will reach a solution at short notice, allowing the program to continue. Lance Bass is still extremely committed.”

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