Lance Bass aims to go where no boyband member has gone before...

N Sync‘s LANCE BASS is planning to be the first pop star to go into space.

The boy-band superstar is in talks with Mircorp, a space travel company, about securing a berth onboard the Russian rocket Soyuz on its November mission.

In a statement released yesterday, (February 20), Bass said he was “completely overwhelmed” to have been invited to take part. The 22-year-old said it would fulfil a boyhood dream. He went to space-camp in Florida when he was 12.


Dutch based MirCorp have already sent American tycoon Dennis Tito in to orbit as the first ever space tourist. His trip cost him a cool $20 million (£14 million), a figure Bass will have to match.

LA based production company Destiny Productions, are hoping to film Bass’s training and flight for a television special called ‘Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass’.

David Krieff of Destiny, Mircorp’s media partner, said he felt it would not be too difficult to raise the funds.

“We’ve got the sponsorship money on a fast track,” he said. “The demographic that Lance hits is highly sought after, so it’ll be a little easier to round up [the funds]. And a network deal will get the rest.”

The trip requires the approval of Russian space agency, Rosaviakosmos, according Several international partners in the international space station programme such as United States, Japan and Canada would also have to approve the trip.

Bass would also have to undergo five or six months of intensive training at Star City near Moscow.


[a][/a] DJ Sister Bliss had intended to be the first popstar to perform in zero gravity. Last July she too travelled to Star City with a number of winners from a competition sponsored by a deodorant company and blasted into low orbit. However, she didn’t manage to DJ because of sickness brought on by the zero gravity conditions. Her trip lasted a number of minutes as opposed to the days Bass is planning.

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